Drones // C

by Wesley Slover

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As a sound and music designer I tend to view my work as a dichotomy of design or art. Either my work is designed to serve a particular purpose. It may be to underscore a video, help a user navigate an app, or compliment a narrative. While design is in support of a larger goal, Art that is made for it's own sake and can stand alone. It's not to say that art doesn't serve purposes, but it fulfills it's own purpose.

It occurred to me as I was experimenting with ambient drone music that I could create a project that is, in my mind, both an art and design project.

This album is designed to be a collection of sound textures that were made with the intention of being repurposed. For example in this collaboration with motion designer Necjs Polovsak: www.twistedpoly.com/Tre-Flip I use one of the drones as a bed for the sound design. To serve this purpose the sounds of the project would need to be simple so they could be easily become part of a larger whole. They would also need a strong mood or aesthetic associated with them so they would be effective and inspirational in other design projects.

In addition to the design goal I set for myself, I wanted this to be music people could listen to in whatever context they like. After creating about 25 pieces of music I sat down with them and curated playlists based on the moods and aesthetics that came out of the experimentation. Although the tracks are rearranged I decided to keep their simple numbered titles so that listeners can hear the progression through the project. There are series of drones using similar techniques where I would continue with an idea but in different ways, or other times where I take a completely new direction.

I want to extend a huge thank you to Rich Nosworthy, Andy Bangs, and Charissa Bangs for the beautiful artwork. They are great friends and collaborators who endured my floundering as an "art director" and created wonderful images for this series.


released June 15, 2016

Sounds: Wesley Slover
Voice: Andrea Wittgens - andreawittgens.com
Illustration and Design: Rich Nosworthy - richnosworthy.tv
Photography: Andy and Charissa Bangs - bangsphoto.com




Wesley Slover Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wesley Slover is the owner and founder of Sono Sanctus, a sound and music design company. This bandcamp page is a home for his personal work.


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